You’re invited to the biggest party in Texas – San Antonio’s Fiesta!

Explore the most romantic city in the Lone Star State through 17 incredible stories created exclusively for this anthology.

Love Fiesta Style features a mermaid at a majestic coronation, college sweethearts reuniting at a war widows’ ball, a cowboy spying his dream woman at an art show, friends igniting into lovers over a night-time parade, a spirit playing matchmaker for a chef and his customer, plus much more.

Whether you like your romances mild, medium, or hot, the San Antonio Romance Authors have you covered.

Buy your copy today and fall in Love Fiesta Style!


Just so you know, this anthology is composed of stories with a variety of heat levels. My story begins the anthology–a sweet Cinderella tale. Toward the end of the anthology, it turns a bit steamy. You’ve been forwarned! 🙂


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