Make 2019 The Year We End Overwhelm

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Making New Year’s resolutions again this year? Half of which probably won’t last till February? The rest of which you’ll likely drop before summer? Yeah, it’s a common problem. A whopping 80% of people who make New Year’s resolutions don’t keep them. I’ve been part of this statistic many years myself.

Why? Why is it so hard to do the things we know we should do? Part of the reason is because we try to change too many things at one time. Part of the reason is because we lack a solid foundation on which to build new habits in the first place. And of course, part of it is because we expect too much too fast and get upset when we aren’t achieving our often unrealistic goals. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. And getting overwhelmed causes us to give up prematurely. Then we hate ourselves for it.

So let’s avoid the overwhelm!

This isn’t the passive type of avoidance (ignoring the issue) that eventually leads to more problems. This is an active avoidance which takes consistent effort. Are you ready to free yourself from overwhelm?

Are you wondering why I am focusing on making 2019 an Anti-Overwhelm year? Think about it—when you are stressed and constantly putting out fires or dealing with minor emergencies, when you are so busy dealing with the seemingly urgent that you have no time for the important, when even the “daily life” things such as cleaning seem like colossal tasks because you’ve let things get out of control while dealing with other problems, do you really have time or space in your heart for a more creative spiritual life?

No. Constantly dealing with the urgent little fires of others (your boss, your kids, your spouse, your house) keeps you from stoking the spiritual flames within you. Anything that keeps you chronically stressed keeps your eyes focused on the problems of your life instead of on God’s grace and mission for you.

That’s why for the month of January, I’m going to focus on making 2019 the year of Anti-Overwhelm. Are you with me? It’s going to take some work.

Here’s what we’ll cover throughout January:

Week 1: Eating the elephant one bite at a time

Week 2: Self-care and personal ritual while you go through change

Week 3: Excuses, excuses. How to get beyond them.

Week 4: Finish strong! And begin again.

Comment here or send me an email about the goals and resolutions you have for yourself this year. I’ll try to speak to those goals in the weeks to come. 🙂

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