He Had a Hat

Yes, the title of this blog post is a bit arcane. It comes from an old joke.

A grandmother and her favorite grandson are at the beach, she’s watching him play in the shallow water in his cute little sailor outfit. Suddenly a huge wave topples him and carries him out to sea. Terror strikes her heart, she can’t see him anywhere. She cries out to God, “My Lord, My Lord, please bring back my grandson! I’ll do anything to see him again, healthy and whole. Please God, I’ll be better, I’ll attend services twice a week and finally join the prayer circle. Please God, bring back my grandson. I’ll do anything!” She falls to her knees, weeping. Just then another huge wave crashes down, delivering her wide-eyed grandson back to the beach. The grandmother rushes to him and checks him all over, kissing this little miracle. She leads him from the water to her umbrella. A rumble of thunder sounds, reminding her of her part of the bargain. “Well…” –she clucked her tongue– “he had a hat, so…”

How quickly we go from bargaining with God to making excuses why we don’t have to fulfill our side of the bargain. I resemble that for sure.

But I also feel like the little boy in this scenario. The last year especially. What was 2020 but a huge wave carrying us out to sea and back again? A weird time warp for sure. But maybe enough forced quiet time to really reflect on important things.

At the end of 2019, a maelstrom of negativity happened in the romance publishing world that made me wish I wasn’t part of that community. I put my partially written series away and, for a time, even tried to stop writing at all. But that time I spent out at sea like the little boy reminded me who I was—a child of God—and that my worst enemy is only my own resistance and fear. I need to trust in God that He put me on this path for a reason.

So, I’m back in 2021, and am hoping to finish out the series of four books this year. I’ll be sending occasional chapters to my subscribers along the way. If you haven’t already subscribed, now is a good time!

What about you? Do you feel gob-smacked by 2020? How have you changed? What are you letting go of or re-committing to this year?

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