Hi! I’m Sophia Isaac, writer of inspirational romance.

I’m not even old yet (getting there!) but I long for the days when *goodness* was attractive. I long for the days when a hero in a story was actually heroic–doing the right things for the right reasons despite the odds against him. Today, we mostly have overly sarcastic anti-heroes who have to save the entire world/galaxy/universe from complete annihilation. I miss the simple heroes with integrity. The small, family-based stories. That’s why I’m committed to write stories that star good people who fight hard to overcome the obstacles life throws at them in order to win the only prize worth fighting for — LOVE.

Forgiveness. Second chances. Redemption. These are the themes I find myself writing even when I’ve made a conscious effort to write something else. So now I’ve surrendered to them. And I’ll do my best to share them with you. I hope each story will make you think, make you laugh, and fill you with hope.

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